I love this article about kids’ writing

My daughter described blossom as ‘snow flowers’ at the age of 3ish. Kids are utterly creative with language because they don’t yet know the ‘rules’ and use anything to describe the world around them. Their neural pathways are doing crazy things and aren’t yet hardwired into habit. So listening to kids talk and write is so stimulating. Anything can happen.

I tweeted earlier about this great article http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22714629 about what we can learn from kids writing about the kids themselves. OUP analysed the 90,000 entries written by children under 14 for a BBC Radio 2 Short Story Competition. Here’s one of the similes.

“WHAT? Noooooooooo!” howled Lydiea, like a werewolf with a toothache


By Liz Holt