Copywriting for the Cairngorms National Park

In early Spring 2013 I wrote ’10 Surprising Stories’ to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the designation of the Cairngorms in the Highlands as a National Park. The 10 Surprising Stories can be found on the web throughout 2013.

This is one of those completely fabulous ‘brands’, which overflows with USPs…

  • 25% of all of Britain’s most threatened and scarce birds, animals, beasties, flowers, mosses, moulds lives here… in just 2% of the UK’s landmass. The wildcat and Golden Eagle may be facing imminent extinction.
  • 5 out of 6 of Scotland’s highest munros are here in the Cairngorms.
  • National Geographic named it as one of the last greatest places on earth, for its spectacular beauty and ecological importance.
  • Yet these needs are balanced with the fact that there’s a £50m angling industry here, deer stalking, grouse shooting, and bubbling businesses such as the Cairngorms Brewery, Dalwhinnie and Glenlivet Distilleries. Over 18,000 people live and work here. (Outside Scotland, the National Parks have very few people, if any, living in them). So there’s a need for a deeply collaborative approach to every conflicting need, of which there are many.

And I have to say, 5 months into this and another project for the client, and after speaking to about 30 individuals ranging from MPs and MSPs to Rangers to ordinary people living in communities, the Park is achieving great things with imaginative ‘third way’ solutions.


Cairngorms National Park - Roaming Rangers

By Liz Holt