Am I a brand?

This a question I’m often asked by smaller clients. The answer is always Yes – even if you don’t have a big budget and a big reach.

You’re a brand because you need to represent yourself Out There, instead of in person.

You use some method of communication to ‘speak’ to each of your own customers / visitors, because you can’t do it yourself. If you could put your stillmen or noser in front of a whisky drinker, chances are they’d get them quaffing a dram within minutes. Or if you could put your leadership development specialist in front of a frustrated MD with flailing managers, they’d probably hire them.

It’s about truly representing who you are Out There… on exhibition panels, websites, social media, packaging, and in print. My job is to turn that contact into a moment of connection. Your tone of voice and messages need to be so true, your customers believe and trust you. It needs to feel like your product or service. That’s why good copywriting is more like acting (see my other blog) than another form of writing. It’s a world apart from normal business writing.

The copy is written to work with design; your visual and verbal narratives need to work together. Fabulous design alone isn’t enough because customers need to be convinced rationally and emotionally through words, some more than others. If you invest in one without investing in the other, it would be like your stillman turning up, looking the part and oozing authentic character, but then opening his mouth and nowt coming out…. or something that jars with how the stillman looks because it’s stilted / dry / irrelevant / jumps in tone.


Some people think that copywriting is about manipulation. Maybe that’s true in some cases but I couldn’t disagree more strongly with that approach. Good copy is always authentic, true, sincere and simple.

Seeing the wood for the trees

Most clients are brilliant at what they do but don’t know how to start to articulate who they are. I love to step in and make a difference.

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By Liz Holt