Green Spot – making climate change accessible

Last autumn, Rupert and I hosted dinner for friends who were also worried about climate change to see what we could all DO. Green Spot was one result… a series of 3-minute Green Spots in the service each Sunday at St James’s in Leith, our church community. Each focused on one subject and always ended with an action point, creating a sense of hope. Here’s the programme with some links to the people and topics involved. We’d be very happy for other communities to use the idea – please do plunder!
It was fantastic to see everyone’s unique creativity come into play in formulating such an entertaining series. Without doubt, creativity helps make hard facts feel more accessible.
Coming up on Sunday 19th November 2017 is another result… I’m organising an event for the UN climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe to talk in Edinburgh. Follow Twitter for more updates.
Green Spot 1: Liz (myself) played Elegy for the Arctic by pianist Ludovico Einaudi to set the big picture for Green Spot: the melting polar ice caps.
Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 18.08.50
Green Spot 2: Gisela opened a bottle of her family’s wine from Bavaria, while talking about being careful about where we buy our food and what we buy, to sustain the earth that sustains us. You may know Gisela through her wonderful book, The Spirituality of Wine.
Green Spot 3: via Elspeth, Bridget the Badger talked from her watery burrows to highlight flooding and the threats to other creatures as a result of the climate crisis. You may know Elspeth Murray as a performance poet and puppeteer and via her work with her husband, performer Richard Medrington. Thanks to Bridget for her photo leading this piece ;-)
Liz (myself) shared a 15 minute reflection about the failure to communicate the climate crisis and the various factors at play, from my point of view as a writer. You can read the full script on this previous blog.
Green Spot 4: Margaret and her young daughter shared a quiz they devised, “Here’s the answer, what’s the question?” about the progress that Scotland has made towards its climate targets, encouraging us all to switch to green energy providers e.g. Good Energy.
Green Spot 5: Rupert made a green smoothie live on the communion table, complete with chaotic liquidiser and ingredients, while talking about methane, cow burps and how cutting our meat consumption is one easy, big way to help lessen the climate crisis. Rupert Smith is the poet in the theatre behind The Pit Ponies’ Penultimate Life Drawing Class.
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Green Spot 6: Danielle talked about connecting the dots with other people, showing how the climate crisis directly impacts on things, people and issues we care about the most today. You may know of Danielle as a leader at Sky or through her new inspirational organisation, Somebody Inside.
Green Spot 7: Hannah led us in prayers for people at the frontline of the climate crisis, for the Dakota Access Pipeline protest, for charities and everyone engaged in trying to create change.
Green Spot 8: Flick and Odrhan gave us a light-hearted, dramatic piece about the fracking public consultation open until May.  Flick has made a huge difference in her work at Friends of the Earth Scotland.
Green Spot 9: Odrhan hosted a passionate, fantastic mock debate about the levels of awareness of climate change today. Odrhan is one of the young people in our community at St James’s.

By Liz Holt