About Liz

“The copy (for Glenmorangie PLC) is so involving, entertaining and fluid, you cannot help but read on and on; exceptionally high quality”

DMA Awards – Gold for Copy

I have a nose for great ideas and creative solutions that answer the problem. Copywriting, for me, is about finding the brand truth and creating a connection: a sparky Michelangelo-esque moment of touch. That’s what makes it work.

  • Freelance creative and ‘long’ copywriter since 2002 writing for agencies, designers and clients directly (with a two year spell, 4 days a week, at Union Direct). See Linkedin for career history. Over 70% is online; the rest is for print, packaging, exhibitions and annual reports. I also write Brand Stories, developing tone of voice and brand messages that form the foundation for all a client’s copy going forwards.
  • Edinburgh-based, I write copy for clients and agencies everywhere: Glasgow and the rest of Scotland, London and internationally e.g. Belgium, Italy and France.
  • Award-winning quality e.g. DMA Gold for Copy for Ardbeg (the quote above is from the DMA Awards book). See the full list.

You can trust me with any brief. So how can I help you?