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‘The Merchant of Venice. Mass Storytelling and the Power of Advertising’ for The Bard & Co.

The book was conceived by 26, launched at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and published by Cyan in 2007.

“All of us tell stories, all the time. There’s something fundamentally human about constructing meaning by connecting one event to another in a narrative; we make sense of life through stories.”

For The Bard & Co


  • ‘Creative characters’ The Drum Magazine, May 2008
  • ‘Mass Storytelling and the Power of Advertising’ The Drum Magazine, May 2007
  • ‘Creative Masterclass’ Direct Response Magazine, March 2001


26 Posters

A local story in six words: our brief for a 26 project that gave us a prime 48-sheet poster site in Glasgow. Guy Gumm and I devised this concept. We were working on it just days after the terrorist attack on Glasgow airport and wanted to reflect the overwhelming positive response of the whole local community. Part of the 2007 London Design Festival, the poster space and production was generously donated by JC Decaux.

Typography is important for the concept. Several letters from Muslim and Christian touch and entwine around each other, reflecting the way that words can build relationships – as they were doing in the local community in Glasgow.