Note: my name is reverting from Liz Holt to Liz MacWhirter, my maiden name, in 2018 when I remarry.

I’m happy to pull together a quote in any way that suits you.

  • Project fees work well because we both know where we stand.
  • Daily / hourly copywriting rates are ideal for occasional pieces of work or if you’re an agency.
  • Or tell me your budget and let’s work something out.

Value for money

My copy delivers on my clients’ objectives with a great ROI. And because I’m a copywriter in Edinburgh, Scotland, you don’t pay London fees.

I charge a little more than content writers (who usually haven’t worked in ad agencies). My background means my process is thorough; my ‘voice’ is simply whatever’s right for the brand; and my copy changes perceptions and prompts a response. This gives you engagement and results, delivering value.

Higher quality

I know the right questions to ask. I’ve got a ‘nose’ for when a client has a blind spot – and know how to remedy this. And I understand the dynamics that need to be held together to create effective copy. 95% of my work is usually done when I deliver first draft.  A few tweaks later and you have final approved copy.

To quote one of my clients:

Liz crafts the copy to fit like a Savile Row suit

Changes to the brief?

Things can crop up that impacts on the solution you need. I’m very flexible but if this substantially increases my time, I may request an additional fee.

Please drop me a line to find out more or arrange to meet up.