I’m happy to pull together a quote in any way that suits you.

  • Project fees work well because we both know where we stand. The cost doesn’t change unless you substantially change your brief or approach in a way that increases my time. I work transparently with clients so you’ll always know if this is going to be the case.
  • Daily / hourly copywriting rates work well when a large project has been concluded and you’d like to carry on using me for occasional pieces of work, or if you’re an agency and want to book me.
  • Or tell me your budget and I’ll tell you if we’re a match.

Value for money

My copy consistently delivers on my clients’ objectives, giving them a great Return On Investment (please read What clients say). So you’re hiring award-winning agency quality at freelance rates: around half the cost of senior creatives at the best ad agencies. Perfect when you don’t need the whole full service shebang, but you want the highest quality copy – words that really work for you. And because I’m a copywriter in Edinburgh, Scotland, you don’t pay London rates.

I do charge more than writers who have entered the market via an online copywriting course or don’t have an agency background because I transform your effectiveness, giving you much better value for money. There’s a saying that you don’t know what you don’t know; you can wholly trust me with all your communications because I’m a dyed in the wool copywriter. My former life as a Head of Copy and Creative Director means that I add huge value to your process.

Higher quality

With me, your first draft copy should only take a few tweaks to become final draft. I know the right questions to ask; I’ve got a ‘nose’ for when a client has a blind spot – and know how to remedy this; and I know all the dynamics that need to be held in tension together to create the most effective copy. 95% of my work is done when I deliver the first draft. It will be a creative solution that’s uniquely right for the job and gets results.

To quote one of my clients:

[Liz will] craft the copy to fit like a Savile Row suit

Changes to the brief?

What if you change your mind about what you want? No problem. We live in an imperfect world. Things can crop up during the development of a job that impacts on the solution you need. When this increases my time, it’s only fair to increase my fee too. We can talk about how this works as we figure out your project cost.

Please drop me a line to find out more and arrange to chat or meet up.