Tone of voice

Brand language that’s true to you

How do people see your organisation, company, product or brand? Does perception match reality? Are you communicating with a voice that is true to your brand personality – and coherently across all mediums? Are you saying all the right things?

My brand language consultancy helps your target audiences understand you, believe you, trust you – and act on this.

It’s about creating a gut feeling. If it feels right, people respond.

The process

Each context is unique but, typically, I run a workshop to define brand messages and tone of voice. Using an ‘outsider’ also helps to achieve consensus over messages and tone.

The results are distilled into your unique Brand Story, containing your brand promise and key messages, all written in the tone of voice that expresses your brand personality. This document is internal and forms the foundation for all your internal and external-facing communications.

Clients often commission web copy, brochure copy or other marketing collateral after this point, although there’s no obligation to use me. I can also provide training to adopt the new tone of voice.

So far, I’ve delivered Brand Story workshops for clients in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. I’m happy to come to you, wherever you are in the world.

“We approached Liz to work with us at a monumental stage in our history as we changed our name from the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. The change was introduced to reflect the range of disciplines we offer but more importantly to underpin our position as one of the world’s leading providers of professional training in the performance arts. Liz worked with us at every step, working with staff and students through a series of brand messaging workshops to develop our brand story and really pull together who and what we are and how we communicate that internally and externally.
The end result has been far more than the obvious outputs of web copy and print – it has been the catalyst for a sea change in the way we think about ourselves and has firmly consolidated our ambitious plans for the future.”

Fiona Duncan
Marketing Director
The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland