“Dark, dark water swelled and lurched against the ice. All the other little penguins dived straight in. Pebble pitter-pattered to the edge. Her heart quivered. Her feathers shivered. She felt so scared, she couldn’t dive in.”

From Oh Yes I Can!

Illustration by Maria Royse


I’m passionate about writing fiction for young adults and children. My literary agent is Lindsey Fraser of Fraser Ross Associates (using my original name, Liz MacWhirter). My new work in progress is a contemporary thriller for young adults.

Black Snow Falling

It is 1592. Haunted by dreams of shadowy snow and a boy turning into ice, Ruth is betrayed by people she loves and wakes to find a thief stealing her dream, starting a deathly fight for her freedom. This one-book mystery for young adults evokes the oppressive, early Renaissance world of Mantel’s Wolf Hall and the complex, magical, universal themes of Pullman’s His Dark Materials.

An earlier manuscript, Stolen Dreams, was written with the support of a New Writers Bursary from the Scottish Arts Council and reached the Top 14 for The Times & Chicken House Children’s Fiction Prize. I then researched the historical context even more deeply, consumed every bit of wisdom I could read and hear on story and character,  and wrote umpteen rewrites as the novel found its true north and I found my voice. It became Black Snow Falling. Long-listed for this year’s Mslexia Children’s Fiction Prize, the MS is now out on submission through Fraser Ross Associates.

The Fairy Pools

A story about a little girl who wants to believe in fairies… and a fairy who wants someone to believe in her.
For young readers, published in the ‘WOW’ anthology by Scholastic, August 2008.

Picture book manuscripts:

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