Atlantic Telecom





This unusual solution for a b2b mailing won 2 international awards for creativity and effectiveness. It was part of an ongoing campaign for Atlantic Telecom. The brief was to take the proposition, “You shouldn’t be managing your own telecommunications”, and turn it into a mailing that would get noticed on a Director’s desk. Our simple and relevant solution was to send the target an actual duster with copy printed on it – cheap and so unusual, the response far exceeded the client’s targets.


Sample copy


Some jobs are best left to others.

(Reverse of duster)

Bet dashing round the office with a duster isn’t what you do best. Ditto, for managing your own telecommunications. It’s time-consuming, fiddly and perhaps not the most cost-effective way to do it. Talk to Atlantic Logicall instead. We’ll manage every aspect of your telecommunications for you, increasing your efficiency and reducing costs. Give us a call on…..

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