Cairngorms National Park

In early Spring 2013 I wrote a series of 10 case studies on 10 different themes for the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA), in celebration of their 10th anniversary. I squirrelled my way into the most interesting possible angle and came up with ’10 Surprising Stories’, to help meet the client’s objective of creating chatter about the Park.

The 10 Surprising Stories can be found on the web throughout 2013.

For posterity, here are also some screenshots. CNPA Greatest Places on Earth

The client provided a great brief. I zipped around the Park and met various Rangers etc, and dug around for the best ways into each story, creating a multi-layered approach that engages the reader in different ways.

This is one of those completely fabulous ‘brands’, which overflows with USPs… To read some please go to my Blog.

CPA My Favourite Path - Surprising Story



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