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Equal Exchange – copy for new packaging range (67 SKUs)

Equal Exchange deserve a round of applause. They bring the world’s finest organic and fair trade products to the UK. But as a co-operative themselves, their limited budget means there’s no advertising support; their packs have to do all the work of communicating the benefits and prompting a purchase. Good Creative came to the rescue with a design solution for their packaging range of 67 products and I supplied all the words.

The new tongue in cheek copy talks frankly to the consumer, telling the story about each product’s benefits. Each packet / jar/ bottle has unique copy – front, back and sides. The result? Many major retailers are now selling their products.

Please look below the other images to read all the packaging copy for their delicious Earl Grey Tea. See the rest of the packets on Equal Exchange’s website.



Sample copy – Earl Grey Tea

(Front of packet)

Our fair trade is an honest and EQUAL EXCHANGE. You enjoy the world’s finest organic and natural products, the farmer gets a better life. Simple really, but that’s why our…


(Back of packet)

Our Earl Grey lords it over the rest with a superior blend of Darjeeling and North Indian traditional tea. We use pure oil of bergamot for a very refreshing cuppa. And because it’s organic, there are no nasty chemicals. But the goodness doesn’t stop there. When you buy this packet you’re empowering people like the small farmers in Darjeeling who grow this delicious tea – they took over the abandoned Mineral Springs Garden and created the Sanjukta Vikas Co-operative, high in the Himalayas. Fair trade doesn’t get any fairer than this.
Use boiling water and one teabag for every person. Steep from 3 to 5 minutes. Add a splash of milk or not. Enjoy!

You’re not just buying something utterly delicious. You’re making a big difference to small farmers who are vulnerable to unjust economics. They grow their gorgeous food by working in harmony with nature. And we work in harmony with them, giving them a sustainable way of life. Wherever it’s do-able, we invest even more in communities by packing the food where it’s grown. Nearly all our range is organic, and we’re working hard to sort the rest. Plus we’ve pioneered many major Organic Fairtrade world-firsts. There’s heaps more to tell you. To find out more, and to tell us what you think, go to: www.equalexchange.co.uk

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