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ESPC Money Management wanted to talk to the growing market of first time buyers in Edinburgh. The design consultancy asked me to create copy that conveys the client’s unique proposition for the marketing campaign, including web pages, online advertising and point of sale. The copy personifies the client’s transparent approach, talking to the target audience Pret-style in straightforward, no nonsense English.

Design by One O’Clock Gun (now 13hundred)

Sample copy – spread from the booklet

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or way down the line, the financial decisions you’re making now will have a ripple effect on the rest of your days on this earth. We’re not being melodramatic, just honest.

We see your new mortgage as it really is – not in isolation but as one part of your whole life (for many, it’s a fairly whopping part).

That’s why ESPC Money Management is about so much more than mortgages. It’s about managing all aspects of your money – all your borrowing, savings, investments and protection. It’s about really working all your financial resources to grow your wealth in the best way in your circumstances. We will help you make better decisions in context, understanding how your decisions today will impact on your future.

We do it this way because we passionately believe it’s the only way.

It’s impossible to separate out your mortgage from the rest of your life. It’s a no-brainer. Can you imagine a doctor scribbling out a prescription without carefully examining you first? But the shocking fact is that in the financial services industry, it feels like there are plenty of quacks around. A quick bit of spin, a bucketful of jargon and a result that could hold you back financially. It makes us mad.

You’ve got other bits of paper telling you about our Money Management process in detail. What we want to do here is make something crystal clear: we’re doing this because we have an ardent desire to look after you. Our whole focus is on getting it absolutely right. You can lean your whole weight on us and we promise we won’t let you down.

Fact is, we’re not like the rest.

  • Your financial advisor meets just three customers (that’s you) a week. The norm for other companies is six per day. That’s worth repeating: three customers per week not six per day. We devote more time to your case.


  • A team of very clever experts in mortgages, insurance, pensions and investments get to work on your case – not just one person. We spend a long time together discussing what could be best for you. That’s a lot more brainpower.

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