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Shelter Scotland ‘Waste’ campaign

Imagine this landing on your doormat: an envelope that’s so crumpled, it looks like it was rescued from the bin. This striking concept won the pitch and a DMA award in the Charity category – one that is notoriously difficult to win. 

The pitch brief was to communicate to donors that Shelter Scotland still has an important role now that Scotland has its own parliament. My research revealed that a new green paper on housing was about to be prepared – the first for 23 years and a potentially vital opportunity to tackle the causes of homelessness. Our creative solution communicated that ‘To waste this opportunity would be criminal’, with a very crumpled outer envelope and copy that developed this idea. The letter copy shown in the sample is targeted at existing donors, so it could be assumed that the reader cares enough about Shelter’s work to have donated in the past.

Sample letter copy 


We must not throw away this chance to transform the lives of homeless people.

Dear Mr Sample,

As I know you really care about what happens to people who are forced to live in appalling damp homes or to sleep rough on the streets, I’m sure you will want to hear about the extremely important events taking place right now at the Scottish parliament.

A consultation paper is about to be published which is preparing the way for Scotland’s new Housing Bill this Autumn. It will include the biggest piece of homelessness legislation for 23 years; a triumph for everyone who has tirelessly campaigned for politicians to transform the lives of homeless people. It’s also a triumph that nearly every proposal that Shelter Scotland recommended for tackling homelessness will be incorporated.

At long last, we can have real hope that the new Parliament could reverse the downward spiral of Scotland’s housing system and improve the quality of life for thousands of men, women and children in Scotland.

But without extra funding, the new legislation will not achieve its full potential.

However, this crucial opportunity for change could be completely wasted: that’s why we crumpled up this letter before we sent it, to bring to life this vitally important point.

The government MUST commit the necessary funds in the current Comprehensive Spending Review, otherwise this new Bill will hardly change a thing.

Make no mistake, for many people in the future this could mean the difference between life and death.

After decades of slashed housing budgets, the amount of money required is substantial. It is estimated that, in addition to the resources required to implement the Housing Bill, £10 billion is needed for repairs and improvements to bring homes up to decent modern standards. So at this time our campaigns team is putting every effort into lobbying the government about the content of the Bill and to commit the maximum budget available to housing.

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